Fabian Weller

Technology Developer

Blog Post 1

Capture the Cube: A Hands-On Computer Vision Project for Apprentices

Capture the Cube is a computer vision project I developed during my training. The project was commissioned by my school to help future apprentices explore and learn about computer vision technology. It was designed specifically for apprentices to get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and develop their skills in a practical setting.

Blog Post 2

Introducing My New YouTube Channel

I’m excited to announce my new YouTube channel, where I’ll be sharing short, easy-to-follow tutorials on various Linux functions and tools. My videos will focus on my favorite tools and adhere to the Unix philosophy championed by Ken Thompson: “Do one thing and do it well.”

Blog Post 3

"Grumpy Cloud": Personalized Cloud Services for Friends and Family

I’ve recently set up a Nextcloud project for my friends and family to offer various cloud services. With Nextcloud, we can securely store, share, and access documents, photos, and other important files from anywhere. It’s been a rewarding experience, enhancing our collaboration and keeping everyone connected with a shared calendar, task lists, and video calls.

Blog Post 5


Welcome to my new Website.